The Woodland Park off-leash area is almost a full acre of hilly ground covered in a canopy of pine trees. Amenities include an information kiosk, running water, benches, a picnic table and a good supply of tennis balls! The hills are great for exhausting your dog with a game of fetch, and if they tire of the dog area, put 'em on leash for a stroll around Green Lake, just down the hill.

Over the past few years, it had become clear that there were issues with the current location: erosion occuring on the hills, build-up of woodchips along the fence, and the generally muddy conditions in the winter. In the summer of 2003, Chris Mapes (the COLA steward for Woodland Park) applied for and received a Neighborhood Matching Grant to fund a renovation project to address these issues. Work began in the summer and was completed in January 2004. Our sincere thanks to everyone who volunteered their time or donated money to this cause - we hope you enjoy the improvements to this fabulous park!

Please visit the Woodland Park group's web page!

Stewards: Charlotte Bontrager

Email: woodlandoffleash@email.com

Directions: Located in the southeast corner of the park, behind the newly remodeled ballfields and the tennis courts. From 50th Street, turn onto Greenlake Way and make the first left, then go up the hill. The offleash areas is on the left.

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