The Magnuson OLA is special because not only is it the largest one in Seattle, it is also the only one with water access! Just follow along the winding path leading to a small fresh-water beach on Lake Washington. The beachfront is limited, but often packed with dogs fetching balls in the water. Along the way there are several open areas where dogs can run and play. The long path gives both you and your dog exercise with a change of scenery. Most of the path is compact gravel or asphalt, making it wheelchair accessible but maybe a little tough on dog paws if you are a jogger. People are pretty good about scooping after their dog.

Their most recent accomplishment was the addition of a small/shy dog area within the larger Magnuson off-leash area. Temporary fencing and signs were installed in coordination with the Magnuson Off-Leash Group (MOLG). The area is located just to the south of the main OLA entrance kiosk, accessible from NE 74th Street. This area is also a great place for older and less mobile dogs.

MOLG Chair: Sally Cope


Directions: Located at the old Sandpoint Naval Station at approximately 65th and Sandpoint Way. Upon turning off of 65th into the park, take the first left toward a guardhouse (there is a sign pointing to the offleash area). Turn right either before the playfields (for a longer walk), or after the playfields (to avoid the asphalt section). For those coming from the north, there is another entrance at 75th St and Sandpoint.

NOTE: This this is NOT a COLA managed OLA but is run by a separate non-profit Magnuson Off Leash Group (MOLG)

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